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I’m running a business and I’m looking for ways to scale it up.

We are Founder’s best friend.
We will help you thrive.
  • We help you think about all the strategic options you have (growth strategy, exit strategy, value creation strategy, succession) and choose the best one for You. Not your VCs, You.
  • How to maximize the value of your assets (eg. creating new products, opening new markets, spinning off business units).
  • How to handle real-life, difficult situations in HR, ESOP programs, competition etc.
  • How to grow internationally? 
  • How to win Enterprise clients?
  • How to recruit, build a culture of accountability and retain your key People?
  • How to establish your company structure for growth and results?
  • How to help your leaders grow and motivate key people?
  • How to make a succession strategy?
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We can unlock the potential of your organization and open new doors for you as a Founder.
Your organization should work for you.

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The topics we feel comfortable with includes
market problems
Team related problems
operational problems
  • HR, team building, scaling
  • New Business, enterprise sales, sales organization
  • Goals setting, execution: OKR, 4DX
  • Company structure, tribes, P&L management
  • Product bootstrapping
  • Software development, at scale, multi-million dollar software projects
  • E-commerce, including business models, trends
  • Culture, how to build your values into your organization’s core
  • How to build a product in an agency
  • Open Source Business
We can help you to catch the next Tornado
running through
your market segment
and - than
to surf the whirlpooling winds
rather than
letting them tear your business down.
The problems
your company will face
during its
vary in sinusoidal
We can unlock the potential of your organization and open new doors for you as a Founder.
Your organization should work for you.
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