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Our training is very unique

It's worth every penny though
Small groups

Our Trainings are quite expensive - because they’re hands on, focused on each group's problems.

We work in a very small groups (up to 6 people max., usually less) and we’re not doing these training at scale. Sometimes you even need to wait until we book all the seats.

The alternate cost is that you’d  need years of hands on experience or months of MBA studies to accumulate this amount of knowledge, experience and contacts.

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Enter the fast track!

We’ve built a 300ppl strong organization from ground up, then executed the succession, built some cool products and open source projects.

Man, you can write a few good books about it.

Our combined 24 years of professional experience in the: enterprise software, eCommerce and Open Source distilled.

We can help you to catch the next Tornado
running through
your market segment
and - than
to surf the whirlpooling winds
rather than
letting them tear your business down.
The topics we feel comfortable with includes
market problems
Team related problems
operational problems
  • HR, team building, scaling
  • New Business, enterprise sales, sales organization
  • Goals setting, execution: OKR, 4DX
  • Company structure, tribes, P&L management
  • Product bootstrapping
  • Software development, at scale,
    multi-million dollar software projects
  • E-commerce, including business models, trends
  • Culture, how to built the values
    into your organization core
  • How to build a product in an agency
  • Open Source Business
tomasz karwatka conference catch the tornado
The problems
your company will face
during its
vary in sinusoidal

What you will get

No B.S

Only useful information and real stories.

Real case-studies

Real case-studies, 100% confidentiality.

Mastermind workshop form

We will work on your real challenges.

Small doers groups

Small group with people who are doers, interested in fast learning. High energy and motivation level.

Mixed groups

Group is mixed to give you maximum added value - startup founders, executives from ecommerce companies and large companies - we will help you work together. materials

Premium access to materials, including exclusive materials, events,
moderated access to the interview guests.


Great networking and access to all participants after the training.

WhatsApp Group

Access to us after the training - special WhatsApp Group.

Additional content

Additional, premium content after the training.
Let's discuss your idea!
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