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Our story

We are two brothers born and raised in a small town in Poland. We started building software while we were still teenagers.

We sold our first company to one of the biggest media companies in Poland in 2007.

In 2008 we started our second company - Divante. We built it from just the 2 of us sitting in a small office, doing teleconferences in a kitchen, to the 350+ ppl strong company with double-digit growth and double-digit EBITDA. In 2020 we finalized our succession process. In 2021 we sold Divante to Cloudflight which is backed by DBAG Found.

In the meantime we have co-built 2 successful product companies (Vue Storefront, Open Loyalty) and one more highly profitable service company (Callstack).

In 2021 we started Catch the Tornado, which was named one of the top Polish venture builders by the Forbes Polska.

Tornado image

What about Tornado?

A Tornado, as explained by Moore, is a brief period of hyper-growth when markets accelerate to triple-digit growth rates and new product categories spread like wildfire.

Enter the rapid-growth phase. Find the product-market-fit, make the decision to enter the growth path with all its consequences, build the product and the team.

In his book, Geoffrey A. Moore distilled the marketing and growth strategies that get you through the “Bowling Alley”. But first, you need to Catch The Tornado.