I’m running a business and I’m looking for ways to scale it up.

We are the Founder’s best friend.
Catch the Tornado working with people.

Building your Company with us (Startup Studio style)

We will help you build your own business from the ground up.

  • We know eCommerce and Enterprise Software - what is hot and what kind of products are worth building. Let’s discuss your product idea.
  • We have developed long-lasting relations with global companies - they could become your pilot clients. There is no better way of checking product-market fit than getting feedback directly from the client.
  • We know the best tech people to work with, we will help you expand  your Team.
  • Thanks to the traction of our startups we can open some doors to leading Business Angels and VC Funds from Europe and the US.
  • We help you draw up a VC deal that will work for you.
  • On top of that, we can invest, even at a very early stage
Catch the Tornado on a meeting

From Pre-Seed to Private Equity style investment and Advisory

We know our industry, so we can invest quickly and flexibly.

We invest in Companies that specialize in:

  • Enterprise Software
  • SMB Software

Industries we like:

  • eCommerce
  • Dev Tools
  • Healthcare

Scaling-up: Global Sales&Marketing, M&A, HR, Succession, Exit planning

We will help you thrive.

  • We help you think about all the strategic options you have (growth strategy, exit strategy, value creation strategy, succession) and choose the best one for You. Not your VCs, You.
  • How to maximize the value of your assets (eg. creating new products, opening new markets, spinning off business units).
  • How to handle real-life, difficult situations in HR, ESOP programs, competition etc.
  • How to grow internationally?
  • How to win Enterprise clients?
  • How to recruit, build a culture of accountability and retain your key People?
  • How to establish your company structure for growth and results?
  • How to help your leaders grow and motivate key people?
  • How to make a succession strategy?


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Piotr and Tom go beyond the roles of mere investors and advisors for us. They are more like close friends who share the happiest and most frustrating moments with us on our journey as founders. CT's vision, experience, and endless motivation helped us rethink our product and making it enterprise-ready. This was precisely the catalyst we required to shift from an open-core approach to a commercially viable model.

Civan Ozseyhan, CEO, refine

As the first -time founder I did not have experience in investor negotiations. Piotr and Tomasz turned down my conditions of collaboration because they thought they were not beneficial for me. They put forward their own conditions which have strengthened my position. They are not only competent investors but first and foremost good people.

Maja Małyska, CEO, CTT Dots

Piotrek & Tomek are outstanding early-stage startup investors and advisors. They know how to push founders through the difficulties they will encounter early on but also help them focus on the right things at the right time, which is priceless.

Patrick Friday, CEO, Vue Storefront

Catch the Tornado is a “Wikipedia of knowledge and experience necessary for a founder”, backed by a great commitment with a touch of a sense of humor.

Cezary Olejarczyk, CEO, Open Loyalty

Catch The Tornado has been with us from the very beginning. Piotr and Tom helped us refine the Timerise concept and create a product roadmap. What we value the most is their incredible support in every aspect of the business and a very critical view. They constantly advise us on running the company, building the team or driving sales. The CTT network is also invaluable in terms of clients, venture capital and business angels.

Piotr Kozak, CEO, Timerise