Catch the Tornado is building a universal scheduling and booking system

Catch the Tornado is building a universal scheduling and booking system

eCommerce Startup Studio Catch The Tornado teamed up with Piotr Kozak and Mateusz Sowa to build the next generation booking engine.

Ever PRO is an enterprise SaaS built upon the API-first, Headless and Cloud Native principles.

Thanks to the platform, any business can take control of it’s schedules, bookings and resources. End clients can book and pay for any services using self-service web-app, native apps or from the 3rd party systems by the API delivered by the platform.

While being super easy to use and simple for users - it lets the business owner harness all the specifics of their business model and the domain they operate in. The app is not dedicated to one industry. It offers the simplicity of the UI on the level of tools like Calendly while providing the whole data and API platform including a way to book not only the meetings but all sorts of different resources including physical assets: rooms, cars etc. Thanks to that business users can manage complex booking schedules, payment workflows and integrations customer experience for their clients.

Some businesses that could benefit from the app are: Doctors, Banks, Car rentals, Hotels, Recruiters, Event agencies, Contractors. Digital assets, physical assets, recurring bookings - all in.

Why bookings? Because they’re so important, while being so complex: ”It’s one of the problems that always existed but no one dares to solve it differently”. Because it’s complex and it’s difficult. Covid accelerated digital transformation of services and almost all services need to be booked and scheduled. 

The Co-Founders of Ever PRO app are seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs.

  • Piotr Kozak has 11+ years of design experience. He worked for companies such as ING, Bayer, Opera, and LiveChat.
  • Mateusz Sowa is a developer and entrepreneur with 14+ years of practice. He participated in the creation of such companies as iBroker, PIXERS,, Meeting Application, MagicVR,

Catch The Tornado invested in the company that is building the app and will accelerate its growth for the coming months.

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