Catch the Tornado is investing in TechTree

Catch the Tornado is investing in TechTree

TechTree is building a platform enabling people in tech to help each other and get rewarded. They are on a quest to help people get value from their personal assets like network or knowledge.

TechTree is backed by Notion, Frontline, and founders and senior executives from companies such as Monzo, Workday, Stackoverflow, Uber, Nutmeg to name a few.

Guys rock and act with lightning speed! 3 days from the first call to money on the bank account.
- PaweĊ‚ Tomczuk, Founder of TechTree.

Bounties are requests for help. As an example, if a new startup needs to hire a CTO they can publish the role on TechTree and attach a bounty to it. The bounty is a request to the community for help in finding someone good.

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