Catch The Tornado is supporting Medusa

Catch The Tornado is supporting Medusa

Medusa is an open source alternative to Shopify. The company just closed a Seed round after seeing record growth among the Javascript developer community.

Catch the Tornado is joining $8m USD Seed round led by LocalGlobe and Dawn Capital, with participation of prominent tech leaders such as Anthony Casalena (Squarespace CEO & founder), Nicolas Dessaigne (Algolia founder), and Scott Williamson (Ex- CPO Gitlab).

Medusa solves the pains of merchants wanting to create unique customer experiences and optimize operations. It provides similar core functionality as Shopify out-of-the-box, while its open abstraction-based architecture makes customizations and maintenance much easier to handle for developers as businesses’ needs evolve.

We are super happy to support another breakthrough eCommerce project. Especially that Medusa just got integrated with Vue Storefront which was started by the founders of Catch The Tornado.

link: Medusa Open Source Shopify Alternative

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