Tech To The Rescue secured 700k eur round

Tech To The Rescue secured 700k eur round

Tech To The Rescue non-profit startup was founded by one of the Catch The Tornado Founders. TTTR mission is Matching Non-profits With Tech Companies To Solve The World's Problems.

Our community includes over 250 IT companies and more than 300 nonprofits, operating in more than 40 countries worldwide, which signed up to use technology to scale up their potential influence.

So far the community has delivered more than 50 pro-bono collaborations addressing real problems with huge potential to make the lives of millions of people better.

We have just secured a seed round of 700k eur from Partners like: Cloud Technologies S.A., 10Clouds, Divante, Droids On Roids, intive, InCredible Inspirations, LiveChat, Netguru, Objectivity, Packhelp, RTB House, SoftServe, Ten Square Games, Tooploox, Blue Media, as well as individual investors like Adam Sobczak and Darek Żuk.

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